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Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
For Business Office or Repair (Area Code 269):
From Delton & Kalamazoo 623-2311
From Battle Creek & Banfield 721-9005
From Plainwell & Pine Lake 664-9900
From Lacey & Bellevue 758-9005
By Fax 623-8033
By Email
Tariffs on file with the MPSC can viewed here: Telecommunications Association of Michigan
Low income customers can save with: Lifeline Application Universal Form
Lifeline customers must recertify annually: Lifeline Recertification Universal Form
Barry County Telephone Company's Customer Records Policy: CPNI Compliance Manual
Barry County Telephone Company's Residential Customer: Rights and Responsibilities
Notice regarding Calling Name and Calling Number: *67 Notice
Barry County Telephone Company's Tariff for: Resale of DSL services
Wireline Maintenance Information: wire-maintenance.pdf
Equipment Service Plan Information: equipment-service-plan.pdf
Terms and Conditions can be found here: Terms & Conditions
BCTC Refund Policy can be found here BCTC Refund Policy
Barry County Telephone Company Services and Prices can be found here Services and Pricing

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